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The Irish Grandfather Shirt

  • 2 min read
The grand father shirt is best known for its thick material and its lack of a collar. The shirt is typically long-sleeved and made from either flannel or brushes cotton or Irish linen. This shirt is also known by some to be part of Ireland’s national costume. The shirt is especially popular the factory workers in Northern worker. The highly adsorbent nature of the fabric made the grandfather shirt ideal for heavy work. This however does not limit the use of the grandfather shirt to menial work. The shirt when worn with either a black pair of pants or Irish tweed pants, the apparel is ideal for attending funerals, mass and also weddings.

The grandfather shirt is available in a number of designs suitable for the carrying out of both menial tasks and duties at the office. These designs include the following:-
1. White tartan flannel shirt checkered with blue lines
This shirt when worn with blue jeans is an ideal get up for men for going out for a drink with friends. It can also be great while on site seeing. The blue lines match superbly with the blue of the jeans. It is a great costume for going out on a first date.

2. Navy/cream striped flannel grandfather shirt
This shirt is ideal when worn with barge khaki trousers. The attire is ideal for carrying various menial tasks on the farm such splitting. The navy/cream shirt with grey or brown stripes does not easily show making of dirt making the shirt ideal for heavy dirt involving tasks.

3. Grey traditional flannel shirt
This shirt when worn with faded jeans and a pair of rubber boots is great when carrying out light tasks around the farm such as shoveling hay into the barn or when laying straw beds.

4. Blue tartan flannel shirt checkered with green stripes.
This shirt is best work with barge khaki pants or blue jeans. When combined with the khaki pants the attire is ideal for carrying out various menial tasks. When worn with blue jeans the attire is ideal for going out with friends for a boy’s night out.

5. Red stripped tartan flannel shirt
This shirt is best worn untucked with faded jeans where it makes a great outfit for a first time date.

6. Cream linen Irish color grandfather shirt
This shirt when worm with black jeans or formal black trousers is immaculate enough to attend to duties in the office.

The grandfather shirt is a shirt that can serve a multitude of functions by being part of a wide range of attires. It is therefore an item worth having in the wardrobe.