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The legacy of Guinness has grown since the 1759 advent and the celebration of the brand’s history continues in new and beautiful way. Guinness Clothing is the source of official branded merchandise that boasts of the same impeccable quality as the rich stout. The garments all have the signature harp motif and the trademark Arthur Guinness �autograph’ as well as variations of the designs that speak of Irish customs. There is a wide range of items available to enhance your brand collection or to gift to a friend who enjoys quality clothing from the company. The presented items in the store are printed and also designed in Ireland. In addition, the first-rate materials used to represent the brand ensuring that the consumer comfort and enjoyment is high.



Guinness Clothing presents the Signature Fleece jacket which has both good aesthetics and is expedient for cold weather. The texture is smooth and soft and the woolly feel will make certain that the wearer will enjoy the best from the tactile aspects. There are different sizes presented so as to fit individuals perfectly and there is no need to be apprehensive about the probability of the jacket getting stretched when washed. The appeal lies in the dark hues used as well as the general cut of the sweater. The drop down zipper is ideal for easy dressing and a causal open look when the weather is fair and the discrete Guinness logo ensures that you will fit in semi-formal events comfortably.


Guinness Flat Cap

The Guinness flat cap is a beautiful gift that is perfect for both men and women. It is designed in the traditional configuration with the typical small and stiff brim in the front. The Guinness brand name is displayed on this brim where it blends in smartly with the rest of the cap. The distinct appeal of the product lies in the patchwork applied on the flat work to create contrast and unique aesthetics. It is a cool and fresh look that will match with just about every casual clothing item in your wardrobe. The inside of the cap has been lined to advance the level of comfort experienced in every type of weather.


Guinness Pint socks are mainly focused on the expediency but if you want to show them off, you will not be disappointed with the response. These can be worn by anyone who enjoys a thick pair of socks while hiking or at home when the weather is a little chilly. The woolly feel is comfortable and the natural shades will be perfect whenever you are. Choose your Irish sweaters and gift items at Guinness Clothing.