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Wool hoodies are normally included in the traveling kit as they keep you warm and comfortable in different weather conditions. Some other benefits which your hoodies in your travel kit can provide are described here under for your consideration.

Available in wide variety: Hoodies made of wool are available in wide variety of colors and sizes from which you can choose according to your suitability and choice as they can add grace to your outer appearance.

Customized designs: You can design your wool hoodies as per your choice as many companies promise to provide you them in your customized design. Though you may have to pay a bit higher price for it but you will not be disappointed.

Water repellent: Wool is a water resistant fabric so woolen hoodies can protect you in showering rain due to its tight weaving.

Keep you warm when damp: Though wool can absorb water like cotton but still it has insulating ability which helps in keeping you warm even if it is wet. In fact, woolen clothes produce some amount of heat after absorbing water and this process is known as exothermic which keeps you warm in such odd condition also.

Highly breathable: Wool hoodies keep you comfortable in any weather condition as woolen clothes usually are highly breathable. It helps in evaporating sweat without taking it off if you sweat after some work out while wearing it. Even in extreme cold weather it protects you from freezing temperature through its breathable tightly woven structure.

Spark and fire resistant: Woolen clothes are spark and fire resistant so it is easy to dry them on campfire if they get wet due to any reason, so is the condition with woolen hoodies.

Fight with body odor: Wool resist your body odor for longer time than other fabrics due to its natural antibiotic property. It is a great reason to include wool hoodies in the travel kit as you can wear them for several days without washing as they can fight with your body odor.

Regulate body temperature: Though the effectiveness of this feature can vary with every individual but still it is true that woolen garments help in regulating your body temperature far and wide. Woolen hoodies keep you warm not only in winter but also in wet season. They do not allow you to chill while moving outdoor and warm you up quickly when you return indoor.

Thus it is beneficial to include wool hoodies in your travel kit.